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I have begun to explore the world from 11 August 1989 which date is I born. Started to my trip from Antalya, my hometown and the beautiful city I have ever seen. In this explore, I first heard a machine voice before my mother and father voices. It was newspaper printing machine that my family still have three daily newspaper and two printing facilities. That's the connection of my past, my present and my feature with the computers. Our first computer which named as the Intertype, as big as a room and printing lead letters. Then, we met the Dos and now anybody can not know about it but first and best and Turk graphic program Moon-Star. It have Turkish hyphenation and still any of graphic program have not that. Moon-Star disappear when its creator man murdered. So that, I met Ms-Dos, Windows 3.1, CorelDraw and Celeron 353's. I started to programing from Moon-Star that, I was entering the wrong command and systems broken and all offenses remained my father's head :)

I built the my first website (www.trojen.org) 2007 and when I bought a hosting service, I really did not know what is windows and what is linux services. I seached, I tested, and then I built my website then it hacked !! Then I started to interest with security. Managed some matrices for protection. I found chance to work with big companies like Finansbank A.Ş. I graduated computer engineering department and I am thinking of a master degree. Now, I am working on a intelligent camera system project for uav. And it finished and it is working :) Also this project toke an award from a sofware competition which the members of jury IBM, Intel, etc. Had a chance to show my project on ITU Projekent 2013 and GBYF 2013. Second of my uav project is fire drone and i need some resource for develop this project.


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